Summer Reading

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

Summer break. It's a time for hot days and cool ice cream. But summer break also brings the dreaded summer slide. Take a stand against this foe, and keep kids reading with Black Rabbit Books' Hi Jinx imprint. Some of the books are silly. Others are a little bit mischievous. And they'll all have readers laughing and learning during the summer months and beyond.

Caring for Your Magical Pets—explore all the joys—and dangers—of magical pet ownership in this witty series.

How to Outsmart—prepare readers for the day they come face-to-face with an evil villain or alien with helpful tips brought to life with hilarious graphics. It's only a matter of time until it happens!

Make Your Own Fun—transform boring afternoons with illustrated supply lists and easy-to-follow instructions that teach readers how to make their own water balloon launchers, dancing slime, and more.

Versus!—It's an epic showdown! A battle for the ages! Compare and contrast two incredibly different animals before deciding for yourself who would win.

Explore all of these series and more on our Hi Jinx page!

Happy Summer!