Author Spotlight: Gail Terp

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

Welcome to Black Rabbit Books' Author Spotlight! This month, we're celebrating Gail Terp. Gail has been writing for Black Rabbit Books since the very first season of Bolt, and our editors love to work with her. (Although, they do have a hard time keeping up with her!) Here's a short interview with Gail.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!
A: I was an elementary teacher for a long time. And I loved it. But after 30 years, I decided to retire. Now what? One of my favorite parts of teaching was helping my students find books they loved to read. So I spent a few years learning all I could about children's books and how to write them. I now write for several companies. Some offer reading practice for students. Others publish children's books. My favorite work is writing for Black Rabbit Books. I love doing the research. I learn so much! And of course, crafting books that kids like to read is a huge thrill.

Q: What are some of the books you've written for Black Rabbit? Do you have a favorite title or series?
A: I've written several series for the Wild Animal Kingdom Collection. Other series include Deep Space Discovery and History's Warriors. Perhaps my favorite series was Can You Tell the Difference? It was super fun to write!

Q: What was your favorite thing about school as a kid?
A: I loved checking books out from the school library. Oddly, I really didn't like reading aloud. Now it's one of my favorite things.

Q: What inspires you to write children's books?
A: I love spending my day with words: both reading and writing them.