Bolt to the Power of Infographics

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

Children live in a world full of visual stimulants. It seems as if something bright and bold is always vying for their attention. Black Rabbit Books took that knowledge, paired it with the fact that many students are visual learners, and realized the need to champion the power of infographics.

Colorful, engaging graphs, labeled images, and maps are a major component of the Bolt and Bolt Jr. imprints. These infographics keep readers focused by bringing the text to life and reinforcing key topics they might have otherwise glossed over. It's one thing to read about decreasing lion populations, but a bold, full-page infographic makes that point tangible. Not only do infographics keep readers invested in the text, but they have the power to increase students' visual literacy, giving them skills they need to become life-long readers and learners. We invite you to open up a Bolt book and experience this power yourself.