The Power of Rap

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

I'm not here to talk any smack
All I wanna do is share the power of rap.
With the ability to blend fact and fun
This journey of laughin' and learn's just begun.
Poetry doesn't have to be dry and boring
Big blocks of text? They leave readers snoring.
Check out Rap Your World and erase any worry
These books? Readers will check 'em out in a hurry!

Alright, alright, don't worry. The author of Rap Your World is a much, much better rapper than I am. I might not know how to rap, but I do know that rap has power, especially for struggling or reluctant readers.

All too often reluctant and struggling readers are intimidated by blocks of text. They're turned away by a dry writing tone and monotonous sentence structure. And we don't blame them! Instead, we've turned to the power of rap to keep readers engaged and learning. Here are four reasons rap—and our series Rap Your World—is perfect for young readers.

1. The structure of rap is inviting. Readers won't be put off by intimating paragraphs. Instead, they're welcomed by short phrases and lines.

2. It's a fun, effective way to deliver facts.

3. Rap makes a phenomenal—almost sneaky—introduction to poetry and a love for the spoken word.

4. Rap invites readers to look at reading and writing in a new, exciting way.