Spooky Reads for Halloween

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

Do you have students who shy away from reading? These engaging titles won't scare them away! Enjoy the spooky season with these vibrant, high-interest titles that explore bog mummies, haunted hotels, mysterious cryptids, and more.

A Little Bit Spooky—Safely introduce beginning readers to mysterious topics, from Bigfoot to ghosts, through clear text, simple graphics, and striking illustrations. Booklist listed this series as one of its 2020 Top 10 Paranormal Series.

History's Mysteries—The past is full of mysterious events. How did ancient people build pyramids? What is Stonehenge for? Maybe the explanations are simple … or maybe there's something strange going on.

On the Paranormal Hunt—Investigators have explored some of the world's most mysterious and spooky stories, and readers can learn all about their methods, tools, and findings in this stunning series. Critical thinking questions inspire readers to examine the finding and begin investigations of their own.

Spooky Spots—Let readers travel to some of the world's most mysterious spots and decide for themselves if they're really haunted through leveled text, expertly designed spreads, and infographics that explore the history behind the spots and possible explanations.