New Year, New Series

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

From the haunted ships that sail the sea to the curious creatures that live in its depths, our new spring titles have something for everyone.

Olympic Greats—Meet some of the world's most amazing Olympians and explore how they rose to legendary status through mini biographies, detailed infographics, and action-packed imagery. 3.0–3.4 ATOS

Spooky Spots—Engage fans of the paranormal with investigations into some of the world's creepiest spots. Are cemeteries and old hotels really haunted? Let readers decide.
3.3 ATOS

Super Sea Creatures—Dive deep and swim with moray eels, octopuses, and more. With information on diets, life cycles, and threats, this series is a must for curious students and those needing report research.

U.S. Military Forces—U.S. military soldiers are trained and ready for anything. Readers can learn what it takes to be part of the U.S. military forces and the dangerous missions they undertake in this nonfiction early chapter book series.
3–3.3 ATOS

Just for Laughs—Get reluctant and beginning readers laughing out loud with the newest titles in our Just for Laughs series as it combines hilarious graphics and fun facts to bring jokes to life.
2.8–3.4 ATOS

Versus!—Let readers climb into the ring and practice compare and contrast skills as they put their favorite animals to the test. Could a tiny ant be stronger than a huge gorilla? Could a pufferfish win against a hippo? Start the match and find out.
3.1–3.4 ATOS

Our Favorite Dogs—Early readers can explore their favorite dog breeds' features and needs through adorable photography, engaging infographics, and closely leveled text.
1.8 ATOS

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