Developing Visual Literacy

Before you keep reading, stop and take a quick look at your surroundings. How many visual messages do you see? Maybe there's a diagram about how to wear a mask on your wall, or perhaps your weather app is sharing a chart about the week's forecast. Reminders that we live in a visual world are all around us. In fact, it's probably safe to say that more information than ever before is shared through images and graphics, and as Anneliese Tillman of Illinois Wesleyan University writes in her article "What We See and Why It Matters: How Competency in Visual Literacy Can Enhance Student Learning," it's "necessary for students to become capable of navigating the visually driven world in which we live." Students need visual literacy, and like any other skill, it's one that students need to practice and develop.

With that information at our core, we created Black Rabbit Books' Bolt and Bolt Jr. imprints. The books in these imprints are written at accessible reading levels and combine high-interest topics with maps, labeled images, and other infographics that help illustrate main concepts from the text, providing visual literacy practice.

Whether your readers are interested in sports, the supernatural, or something in between, the books in our Bolt and Bolt Jr. imprints will give them the tools necessary to become life-long learners and thrive in our world. You can learn more on our imprint pages.