New Fall Series

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

Did someone say new books? Yep, you heard that right. Black Rabbit has new high-interest and hot topic books perfect for your struggling and reluctant readers.

This season we have books on topics from awesome animals to spooky sightings to gross, smelly careers.

Awesome Animal Lives—It's no doubt that animals lead awesome, exciting lives, and this series shares those adventures with readers through clear text, vibrant photography, and engaging graphics that emphasize visual literacy. Ages 5–8.

Emergency Vehicles—Help is on the way! Jump into the action, and explore the emergency vehicles that bring help fast. Early/fluent readers will race through infographics, action-packed photography, and expertly leveled text in a nonfiction beginning reader format to learn all about their favorite transportation topics. Ages 5–8. (Did we mention this series is also available in Spanish?)

A Little Bit Spooky—From ghosts to Bigfoot sightings, paranormal topics and urban legends captivate even the most reluctant of readers. With clear text and simple graphics, this series safely introduces children to mysterious topics and invites them to investigate the things that might make their world just a little bit spooky. Ages 5–8. (P.S. This series is also available in Spanish!)

Awesome, Disgusting Careers—They're gross, smelly, and often dangerous. From collecting roadkill to hazmat diving, there's a variety of disgusting jobs that demand iron stomachs and guts of steel. Invite readers to explore the careers that keep their world running through facts delivered through leveled text in a witty, conversational tone and a design that combines in your face photos with humorous illustrations. Ages 8–12. (Oh, and this one is available in Spanish, too!)

Caring for Your Pet Dinosaur—Having a pet dinosaur is no joke. From dealing with the dinosaur's incredible size to figuring out how to feed it, owning a dino is hard work! Before they bring home a T. Rex egg or adopt a fully-grown Diplodocus, help readers explore, through humorous, narrative text, what it
would take to actually have a pet dinosaur. Ages 8–12.

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Posted August 1, 2022