Back to School with High-Interest Reads

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With most students back in the classroom or soon to be heading back, we've curated a back-to-school reading list with some of our favorite high-interest reads. Here at Black Rabbit, our books are focused around high interest topics to engage readers and give them the reading support they need with tons of visuals and graphics. From dinosaurs to transportation to paranormal, find the topics your readers love to get them back to reading.

Dinosaurs and other animals
Animals are always a fan favorite amongst readers, and who doesn't love dinosaurs? Whether your students want to read about baby animals, snakes, or laugh while reading about pet dinos, Black Rabbit has just the right titles for your readers.

Dinosaur Discovery
Dinosaurs by Design (Also in Spanish)
Slithering Snakes (Also in Spanish)
Super Sea Creatures
Wild Animal Kingdom

Bolt Jr.
Awesome Animal Lives (NEW FALL 2022)
Baby Animals
Dinosaurs (Also in Spanish)
Our Favorite Dogs

Hi Jinx
Caring for Your Pet Dinosaur (NEW FALL 2022)
Caring for Your Magical Pets

Vroom, zoom, and race to check out these exhilarating transportation series! With dynamic photos, charts, and infographics, your readers will be racing to pick up their next read.

Air Power

Bolt Jr.
Emergency Vehicles (NEW FALL 2022 - Also in Spanish)
Epic Cars (Also in Spanish)
Gearhead Garage (Also in Spanish)
Wild Rides

Paranormal and mysterious
Spooky, strange, and mysterious. Readers love books on all things paranormal and we have just the ones for you! Spooky reads don't always have to be scary, they can be funny, too! (That's where our Hi Jinx series come in).

History's Mysteries
Spooky Spots
Strangeā€¦ But True?

Bolt Jr.
A Little Bit Spooky (NEW FALL 2022 - Also in Spanish)

Hi Jinx
On the Paranormal Hunt
That's Just Spooky!
Survival Guides You Didn't Know You Needed

Posted September 1, 2022